Where and How do Analgesics Work by Tony Dickenson

Time Required: 
30 minutes

Content Overview

Tony Dickenson BSc, PhD, FmedSci is Professor of Neuropharmacology at University College, London. He gained his PhD at the National Institute for Medical Research, London, has held Fellowships and posts in Paris, California and Sweden, and was appointed to the Department of Pharmacology at University College in 1983. He has made seminal contributions to understanding the mechanisms of pain and how pain can be controlled in both normal and patho-physiological conditions and how to translate basic science to the patient. He is a founding and continuing member of the London Pain Consortium, a Wellcome Trust Integrated Physiology Initiative and now a Strategic Award, funding a group of scientists in London and Oxford studying pain mechanisms and training young scientists in integrated approaches to the study of pain from genes to function. He is training director of the programme.

In this talk Tony eloquently reminds us of the mechanisms involved in neuropathic, inflammatory and generalized pain and the agents that affect them. If you are new to pain medicine or have an incomplete understanding the action of the commonly prescribed pain medications, this is the ideal talk for you.

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